Alania 2019 - will not be bored. What festivals are waiting for us in the summer

Alania 2019 - will not be bored. What festivals are waiting for us in the summer

Life in Alanya is in full swing. City authorities constantly arrange various holidays and festivals in order to diversify city life and attract new tourists. So do not be surprised if you come to rest, you will meet a jazz orchestra or find yourself in the center of a festival of tourism.

So what awaits us this summer in Alanya?

Victory Day on the seashore
Victory Day, May 9 in Alanya is usually celebrated with a parade, front-line songs and a concert. And according to tradition, the Immortal Regiment marches along the main city square. This year, the organizers promise to start at 18:00 near Kuyularönü camii, which is located in the center of the sunny resort. 
Anyone can take part, and it does not matter whether you live in Alanya or simply come to rest. Everyone can take a photograph of a relative who died on the battlefields during the Great Patriotic War, or just come to pay tribute to the heroes. 
After the memorable procession on the stage near the waterfall in the old port will be a concert "Victory is one for all."

Festival of Tourism - Alania invites guests
In June, from 15 to 17 the number of Alanya will be the Tourism Festival. This holiday is held annually at the beginning of the season. The festival will acquaint guests of the city with the Seljuk period in Turkey. The clothes of that time will be presented, and a whole open-air restaurant will unfold near the Alanya Fortress, where the participants of the festival will be able to taste the dishes of the Seljuk cuisine. 
The organizers also promise to show the participants traditional Turkish handicrafts: Ebru's paintings, Telkari ornaments, glassblowers and much more. 
Tourism Festival promises to be interesting and rich.

Oil wrestling is not a sight for the faint of heart.
But in July, the residents and guests of the city will have a unique performance - an oil wrestling competition. 
They will pass on July 21 in the Alanian Yayla. 
This is an old Ottoman fun, which is called Gyuresh. And it looks like this. Under the battle of the drums endure a huge cauldron with olive oil, previously diluted with water. Next come the athletes, dressed in leather pants, smeared with oil and the fun begins. 
The purpose of this action is to charge the opponent on the shoulders, or to press him to the ground so that he cannot free himself. But this is unrealistically difficult, because the enemy literally slips out of his hands. Such a "fight" can last for hours.

This sport has existed since 1362. But to this day, the performance collects full stadiums. So, if you are in Alanya at the end of July, as they say, you are welcome!

In September, Alania will hear the sounds of jazz.
While the exact program of the festival is unknown, because the festival will take place only on September 27-30. 
By tradition, the whole action will take place near the Red Tower. Well, the festival organizers promise to invite world-famous jazz artists.

Alanya - a city comfortable for athletes
This summer will be rich in sporting events. 
So in early October in Alanya will be held triathlon competitions. 
A little earlier, on September 23, women's cycling will take place. 
October 11-13, Alanya will host the festival of cyclists. 
So the season 2019 in Alanya promises to be bright. In addition to the festivals, there will definitely be concerts, performances, as well as the sea, suns and a good mood. But, it is worth considering that the festival program can change, so stay tuned.