How to learn Turkish by yourself

How to learn Turkish by yourself

How to learn Turkish by yourself - verified by experience

Is it possible to live in a foreign country without knowing the language? It is theoretically possible, but extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, planning to move to Turkey for permanent residence, or thinking about buying an apartment in Turkey, we wonder how to learn the language and whether it can be done on your own, without going to the courses and not spending money on repeaters?

In fact, you can. And it is not difficult to do this at all. And we will share - how.

Turkish language - solid math

When you start learning Turkish, it seems that it is simply impossible to understand how everything happens there, how words and sentences are formed. In fact, Turkish grammar is a solid mathematics, and with examples for second graders.

Imagine - there is the root of the word, whether it be a noun or a verb, and the endings are already strung on it, which denote cases, tenses, belonging, and so on.

Let's look at an example. Take the word Alanyadayız, which translates as we are in Alanya. To the root of Alanya affixes are attached da - which translates as in, and iz - affix affiliation with the value "we". Everything is very simple!

So, as you can see, starting to learn Turkish, you will need to memorize not only words, but also endings, because they convey the main meaning.

The main assistant - series

And do not say that you do not have time for nonsense. One of the most practical ways to learn Turkish is to watch children's cartoons and TV shows. Cartoons are "textbooks" for beginners, because they use mostly simple sentences that are understandable to children. Soaps are already a “guide” for those who continue, when there is a certain base and opportunity to understand.

It is best to watch TV shows with Russian subtitles, because at first the speech of the actors will seem incomprehensible. It’s not so easy to divide a continuous stream of speech into words. It is necessary that hearing be used to intonation and pronunciation. Subtitles will help to understand the meaning. When the ear gets used, you can start watching TV shows without subtitles.

Another great option is to listen and disassemble songs. And then humming them yourself, listening in the player. So you can learn a lot of new words and stable expressions.

Layfhak - glue stickers

As you know, to learn a language you need to memorize words. But how to do this if complex Turkish expressions do not want to linger in any way?

To the aid can come multi-colored stickers, which can be pasted over literally the whole apartment.

It is enough to set a goal - to learn 10, 15 or 20 words per day. Then write these words on pieces of paper and put them in prominent places. Moreover, stickers with the names of interior items, clothing, and so on can be sculpted directly to the destination.

Free services for learning Turkish

Of course, it’s impossible to learn a language from one series and songs. After all, it is also necessary to become familiar with the grammatical rules. Therefore, now we will move on to the most interesting - free services for learning Turkish.

One of the most popular sites, where more than 50 lessons for different levels are presented. According to the developers of the site, the online lessons program is based on the program of the well-known language school Tomer.

The second very famous linguistic site where you can find lessons in Turkish - As written on the main page of the site: "Learning foreign languages ​​from scratch." And indeed, the whole program here begins with the alphabet, and ends with complex grammatical rules.

On the popular youtube video service, you can also find a lot of videos with online lessons, but they are more suitable for beginners, with complex grammatical rules, bloggers usually do not download. But such lessons are a great opportunity not only to read, but also to listen to the basic rules of the Turkish language.

Social networks - to be or not to be

To learn a language, you need to communicate on it. Well, if you have the opportunity to talk with native speakers. For example, if you have a property in Turkey, then this is not a problem for you. Come to your house by the sea, walk along the promenade, shops and communicate with the locals. And what if not?

And here the Internet is again to help. You can communicate with the Turks in social networks. But here you have to be very, very careful. And immediately clearly describe the purpose of communication, because, as they say, on the Internet, people walk everybody and not always with the best intentions. But you can still find yourself a good correspondent. Moreover, in social networks there are even groups dedicated to the study of the Turkish language.

Experience shows that you can learn Turkish yourself. To at least communicate at the household level. But if you still want to know the language perfectly, then it is better to go to a language school or find a good tutor.