Tosmur - an area where escape from the bustle of the city

Tosmur - an area where escape from the bustle of the city

Tosmur - an area where escape from the bustle of the city

 A quiet cozy area, stretching along the picturesque mountain river - Tosmur has long been loved by those who want to escape from the bustle of the city, closer to nature. It is surrounded by orange gardens and picturesque mountains, there are no hotels here, so it is never noisy. But at the same time in Tosmur there are all the amenities of urban infrastructure, necessary both for life and for a comfortable rest.

 Dim Tea - Tosmur's Pearl

 On the beauty of mountain rivers can talk endlessly. The murmur of the water is fascinating, and the coolness cools even on the hottest summer day. Alanya Tosmur just located on the shore of the blue artery. Dim Chai River can rightly be called the pearl of this area.

 It originates in the Taurus Mountains and descends to the sea. The water temperature in the river, even in summer, does not rise above 15 degrees. So on the shore always reigns coolness.

 Agree, when it is 35 on the street, it is so nice to sit in one of the cafes on the bank of a mountain river, inhale the refreshing air, enjoy the sound of streams of water running towards the sea.

 Along the banks of the river in Tosmur there are restaurants and cafes where you can have a delicious lunch or dinner, or just have a cup of tea or coffee. And the menu is always very affordable prices.

 Along the blue artery, the city administration installed gazebos, which are literally buried in flowers. Isn't it ideal for evening walks?

 By the way, in Dim Tea you can even fish. And in the upper part, closer to the mountains, there are many fish restaurants.

 Peace and quiet without tourists

 There are no hotels in Tosmur; therefore, among foreign tourists there are only apartment owners in Turkey and tenants who prefer an independent holiday.

 The historic center of Alanya from Tosmur is only 5 kilometers away, which is very close, just some 10-15 minutes by bus. And the car is even faster. Therefore, having a property in Turkey, an apartment in Tosmur, you can live in a quiet, cozy place, but at any time, in just a few minutes you will be in the very center of resort life.

 By the way, tourists, vacationers in hotels, usually do not reach Tosmur. Just because there are no discos, no popular restaurants and shopping centers. But at the same time there is everything you need for life and rest.

 If you need to go for groceries or household goods - there are two large Migros stores: one is located at the entrance to the area, and the other is at the exit. On the main street there are small restaurants and cafes, where you can always come for lunch or dinner. By the way, there is a bakery in Tosmur, and the bread here is baked in a traditional oven, so its taste is excellent.

 There are also ATMs of all banks here, which means that it is not a problem to withdraw money from both Turkish and foreign cards in Tosmur.

 Sandy beaches for children and adults

 Another undoubted plus of Tosmur - on the beaches there is usually no large gathering of tourists. Again, this is due to the fact that there are no hotels. Of course, there are people, but it is much smaller than, for example, in Oba or on Cleopatra's beach.

 But the beaches are great. On the shore - the sand, and the entrance to the sea - small pebbles. The water is very clean, and the coast. On the beach there are sun loungers, a cafe (with very affordable prices).

 Along the seashore in Tosmur stretches the embankment. A walkway on both sides is surrounded by flowers and palm trees. Walking here is a pleasure, especially since you can admire not only flowers, but also the delightful azure Mediterranean Sea.

 Well-equipped complexes and affordable prices.

 The last few years, Tosmur has been actively built up with new residential complexes. On the first coastline, real estate in Turkey is not built here, but from the new modern complexes to the beaches you can easily walk - you can walk with a calm step in just ten minutes.

 Most of the complexes in their infrastructure in no way inferior to five-star hotels. There are swimming pools, hamam, sports halls, entertainment areas. In short, everything to rest and not to deny yourself anything.

 By the way, it is also important that construction companies not only build, but also ennoble the area around the complexes.

 In short, Tosmur is an ideal area for those who love a quiet life, but do not want to go far from the center of Alanya.