Turkish citizenship

Full support and paperwork for obtaining Turkish citizenship on the basis of ownership of real estate
Is it easy to get Turkish citizenship? Today, yes, because the authorities of the republic are doing everything to attract foreign investment, and to make life easier for overseas guests who are ready to invest in the Turkish economy.
The fact is that the owners of apartments and villas on the Turkish coast can apply for citizenship to the Republic of South after 5 years of permanent residence in their own apartment. In addition, a new law was recently passed: when buying a property worth $ 250,000, a foreigner can apply for entry into Turkish citizenship immediately after receiving Tapu.
Reduced the amount immediately four times ...
This decision of the Turkish authorities can rightly be called unprecedented. Indeed, last year, in order to apply for Turkish citizenship immediately after purchasing an apartment or villa, it was necessary to “fork out” more than a million dollars.
The new law passed by the Turkish authorities lowered this figure four times! The sum of $ 250,000 is “lifting” for many foreign investors. And for those who are planning to relocate for permanent residence in Turkey - this is a real gift.
After receiving citizenship, a foreigner can forget about the need for a residence permit, a work visa, and so on.
What conditions must be met
Any foreigner who has bought property worth more than $ 250,000 has the right to apply to the Cadastral Office (TAPU) with an application for entry into Turkish citizenship.
Important! The amount of 250 thousand must be registered in Tapu, that is, it is cadastral, and not the market value of the property.
Another point - the amount of 250 thousand dollars must be sent by bank transfer to the seller’s account. The cadastral office is sure to ask for a document confirming the bank transfer.
After submitting the application, the estimated value of the property is checked, a report is prepared. This procedure usually takes no more than a week. After receiving a positive response, you can apply for a residence permit and, as a "card" will be received, you can apply for citizenship.
It is necessary to collect a package of documents and submit it to Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık Müdürlüğü, then the state begins the consideration of the case. This may take several months. The fact is that the national security department is obliged to confirm that the applicant for Turkish citizenship does not pose a threat to the security of the Republic.
What documents will be required to provide for obtaining Turkish citizenship
In addition to the decision issued by the Cadastral Office, a foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship must provide:
International passport
Notarized passport translation
Residence permit in Turkey or registration information in the country where the foreigner lives
A letter of consent confirming that the foreigner permits the access of the Turkish authorities to receive personal information about the applicant
Receipt of payment of state duty
You may also need to "bring" any additional documents.
Important! To enter the nationality of the Republic of Turkey is not required to renounce their citizenship.
Apartment or commercial real estate?
It doesn't matter what property a foreigner buys. This may be residential, and perhaps commercial real estate: premises for a restaurant or a beauty salon. And it is not at all necessary that 250 thousand cost one object.
You can buy several apartments, the main thing is that the total amount exceeds the specified in the law, and all these real estate objects in Turkey were acquired after September 18, 2018 (the date when this law came into force).
Since the purchase of an apartment is nothing more than an investment, the state has put forward another requirement for foreign buyers.
Foreigners who have become subjects of the Republic of Turkey have no right to sell the purchased property for three years.
And if you buy cheaper?
Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to pay $ 250,000 for an apartment by the sea. Are people with cheap apartments in Turkey deprived of the right to obtain citizenship?
Of course not. Property owners in Turkey can apply for Turkish citizenship on a general basis.
But for this to take place five years after the purchase of an apartment or villa. In addition, a foreigner must live in Turkey all this time, and be outside its total not more than 180 days during this period.
Also, the state requires:
That a foreigner does not have diseases that pose a threat to society
To the applicant for citizenship at a sufficient level mastered the Turkish language
And did not pose a threat to public order.
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