«Год турецкого туризма» в 2018 г. объявлен в Китае

In 2018 in Turkey is expected to increase in two glad flow of tourists from China and other Asian countries.

The Minister of culture and tourism of Turkey, Numan Kurtulmus arrived in Beijing to implement a number of contacts. Kurtulmus has taken part in gala-the evening devoted to opening of year of Turkey in China. In his speech at the gala evening, the Turkish Minister drew attention to the fact that they expect that this year Turkey will double the flow of tourists from China and 500 thousand Chinese tourists will come to our country.

Minister of culture and tourism Kurtulmus said that this year Turkey holds a number of events for the presentation of Turkey in the PRC, pointing out that through the announcement of the “year of Turkish tourism” relations between the two countries will be further strengthened. Also in his speech, the Turkish Minister noted that the silk road has been a bridge between the two cultures for 2000 years.

The Minister of culture and tourism of Turkey, Numan Kurtulmus, said that in the near future, China will become one of the major tourist partners of Turkey. “As part of our new tourism strategy, we will conduct promotional activities, especially in Asia, China, India, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia,” he stressed. We are confident that by increasing the number of destinations of Turkish airlines to China and providing Chinese airlines with direct flights to Turkey, the number of Chinese tourists who wish to visit our country will significantly increase.

Source: Turkish TV and Radio company TRT