Арбуз из Диярбакыра за 2 миллиона лир 2

Golden watermelon and dress completely with gold. This you have not seen)
Although before the first harvest of watermelons still a little time, in diyarbakyr already showed the most expensive representative of this genus melons, which was estimated at 2 million liras.
As part of the Jewelry exhibition Mesopotamia (Mezopotamya Mücevher Fuarı) were presented works of more than 200 artists with “Golden hands” from Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan.
The most expensive exhibit of the exhibition was the “Golden watermelon” of small ingots weighing 10 kilograms.
If you think that the watermelon is a little expensive or it’s not your style, then the exhibition was exhibited a dress made of gold, which can be purchased for 1.2 million liras.
Source: Internet edition of the News of the Turk