Турецких полицейских оденут в новую униформу 6

Several police services in Turkey will be outfitted in a new and modern form.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Turkey has announced a complete change of uniforms of several police services, which will be received in uniforms in the near future.

Турецких полицейских оденут в новую униформу

The changes affected the forms of public police, special forces, marine, commercial and Bicycle police, as well as municipal security officers. The traffic police will receive an update of their uniforms soon.

According to the Main Department of safety, the new uniform is much more technological, consists of breathable and hypoallergenic materials that are comfortable to use and practical in any critical situation.

The changes have affected both winter and summer men’s and women’s uniforms, as well as several types of shoes, which have become even more convenient for everyday walking and running.

Турецких полицейских оденут в новую униформу 2

In many uniform sets it was necessary to refuse shirts and ties which were irreplaceable attributes of law enforcement officers many years.

Source: Internet edition of the News of the Turk