Турция поставила к празднику 8-го марта 80 млн срезанных цветов в 48 стран мира

To the women’s day on March 8, Turkey has put in 48 countries of the world 80 million cut flowers.
In connection with the international women’s day — March 8, Antalya has delivered 80 million cut flowers in 48 countries, said the head of the Turkish Association of exporters of flowers and ornamental plants Osman Bagdatlioglu.
“Since the beginning of the year, flower exports have grown by almost 50 percent compared to last year. Turkish exports of cut flowers in January-February amounted to 24 million dollars. By the end of the year, we plan to increase exports to $ 100 million. The largest importers of our products are the Netherlands and the UK,” Bagdatlioglu said.
Bagdatlioglu is glad that Turkish cut flowers have returned to the Russian market again. The head of the Association noted that Russia ranks 16th in the list of countries importing cut flowers from Turkey, but in the future Turkey plans to increase exports of cut flowers to Russia.
According to him, Turkish exports of cut flowers to Poland increased by 378 percent. The most popular colors for export continue to be red carnations.
The head of the Association noted that Antalya is the main center of production of cut flowers, and in greenhouses are mostly women.
Women come into the greenhouse with the sunrise. Before dinner they cut the flowers, and after dinner, pack them up. About 25 thousand people work in this sector, including about 20 thousand women, bagdatlioglu says.
Source: Internet edition of the News of the Turk