Турция стала новым лидером в сфере медицинского туризма

At the end of last year 2017, Turkey continues to strengthen its leadership in the field of international medical tourism, compared to other countries.
At the end of 2017, the Republic of Turkey continues to strengthen its leadership in the field of international medical tourism. To do this, the solar country has everything you need — the developed structure of specialized medical centers, innovative equipment, experienced doctors using advanced design, qualified Junior medical staff.
Why the health are increasingly going to Turkey?
The course for the development of medical tourism, taken by hospitable Turkey recently, proved successful. According to the International Institute of statistics, more than 500 thousand patients annually turn to Turkish doctors. The purpose of the visit to Turkey is not only the passage of preventive examinations, but also a complex surgical and therapeutic treatment.
Experts believe that this situation is natural: over the past ten years, 49 Turkish clinics have received prestigious certification JCI, which is the guarantee of high quality medical services. In Israel, which bears the title of honorary leader of medical tourism, while there are 20 clinics of this level, in South Korea — 27.
The government of the Republic of Turkey does not plan to dwell on the results achieved. The country’s authorities and investors have already managed to attract and effectively master more than $ 30 billion for the development of medicine, but the reform of the national health system, designed for tourists from neighboring countries, continues.
Turkish doctors give a “second chance” for life
Thanks to the availability of high-precision equipment and conducting their own research activities on the basis of advanced medical centers, doctors of the Republic of Turkey successfully cope with diagnoses that sound like a death sentence to citizens of the CIS countries. Most often, Turkish clinics are chosen for:
1. Treatment of cancer pathologies in the later stages. The use of hardware installations of CyberKnife and TrueBeam will allow us to achieve positive dynamics in 80% of cases.
2. Neurosurgical therapy. Turkish neurosurgeons have learned to quickly suppress the development of Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy by conducting a course of brain stimulation procedures or vagus nerve. The indicator of treatment effectiveness is 95%.
3. Bone marrow transplantation – this complex operation is carried out according to the author’s methods, using the patient’s or donor’s cells.
4. Complex treatment of teeth, in particular the installation of implants.
Patients of Turkish clinics claim that the cost of treatment in local hospitals remains invariably profitable against the backdrop of proposals of Israeli and Western European medical centers. With regard to preventive examinations, then they are truly affordable for the Russians regardless of currency fluctuations.
Source: Internet newspaper News Turk