Турция стала лидером по результатам раннего бронирования среди россиян

Turkey is gaining popularity again and is leading among Russian tourists in the early booking of vacation.

Experts of the tourist services “tutu.ru”, specializing in travel, analyzed the number of early bookings of tours for the summer. The study showed that Turkey moved from the fourth to the first position in the list of leaders for the year.

According to the mid-February, it is in Turkey that every third traveler who buys tours in advance will have a rest. At the same time, tourists are most interested in holidays in Alanya, Antalya and Kemer. Russia follows Turkey in the list of destinations where tours are bought in advance. It is noted that tours around the country will cost an average of 26.5 thousand rubles ($470). The most popular tourist destination of Sochi, Crimea and Anapa.

General Director of “NTK Intourist” Victor Topolkaraev also commented on the outflow of Russian tourists from the local resorts on the Turkish coast. According to him, Russian hoteliers have much to learn from Turkish competitors, including, to conduct pricing policy at the stage of early booking.

“In fact, the Turkish hoteliers dared everyone at the stage of early sales. Everyone who wanted to buy cheap tours to Turkey, buy. So, we tell our hoteliers: let’s learn business, we are ready to help you in this. Today, Turkish hoteliers discounts at the stage of early booking range from 30 to 50%. Today, the tour to the hotel 5* in Turkey on AI / UAI, where there is a water slide, its own large area, its own beach line – can be purchased at the price of the Russian resort 4* “for Breakfast”, – says the head of the leading Russian tour operator.

In addition, according to Mr. the topolkaraev, managing domestic hoteliers behave passively and make no effort to promote the domestic market. As an example, he cited the statistics of the participation of hoteliers in the Regional tourism forum. While in 2016 90% of the participants of this event were representatives of Russian resorts and hotels, this year on the contrary, Turkish hoteliers dominate.

Source: Internet edition of News Turk