Крупнейший аэропорт мира в Стамбуле уже готов на 73%

Open a new and one of the world’s largest airports in Istanbul is planned for next year. At the moment the construction has been completed on 73%. The airport will accept up to 90 million passengers per year.
The Minister of transport, shipping and communications of Turkey Ahmet Arslan during the Friday checking the progress of construction of the 3rd airport of Istanbul said that the largest air Harbor in the world ready 73%.
“Over the past 15 years, the number of airports in Turkey increased from 26 to 55 and the number of transported air transport of passengers – from 34.5 million to 180 million. We expect that in 2017 the number of passengers carried will reach 189 million, said the Minister,” – said the head of Ministry of transport.
According to him, despite the fact that the Istanbul Ataturk airport is operating at maximum capacity, this is not enough.
As reported by Arslan, the new airport of Istanbul will make a significant contribution to the economy and to increase employment.
The first phase of construction of the airport, which can take up to 90 million passengers a year, already completed, and its opening is scheduled for October 29, 2018.
On the construction of the airport in the summer was involved in 32 thousand people, and is currently on site working 30050. By the end of construction the number of workers will reach 35 thousand.
Source online newspaper NEWS TURK