Турецкая почта PTT вошла в десятку лучших почтовых служб мира

By the end of last year, the well-known PTT post was among the top ten postal services in the world and became the national pride of the country.
Turkish postal company PTT by the end of 2017 rose to seventh place in the ranking of postal services in the world, in addition to sending letters and parcels, RTT operates in the fields of logistics and banking services. The company’s goal is to become a large holding company over time. RTT is moving steadily towards its goal, said the CEO. “The scope is activities RTT is quite wide. We are engaged in e-Commerce and the company has more than 250 branches all over Turkey. Our company occupies a leading place in the world postal Union. Thanks to its diverse activities, PTT has made a breakthrough in banking and insurance in the last two years, carrying out banking operations with major companies in the world. Thus RTT has all possibilities to become a major holding, said the Director of the company, Boshak. RTT is the national pride of Turkey, 40 thousand employees of the company provide services to the population day and night. It should be noted that all postal services, from letter to parcel, are delivered by mail staff to the apartment and handed personally. Only with a rare exception, when you do not appear several times at home, the postman leaves a receipt that you need to come to the post office. All mail, letters and parcels in Turkey comes in a couple of days, sending parcels from the Turks is common and in demand, everything comes quickly and efficiently and is not expensive.
Source: Internet publication Sirket Haberleri Anadolu