Стамбул показал свои первые беспилотные автобусы

The first unmanned buses have already been tested in Istanbul.
Istanbul, which these days takes the Congress of the world cities “World Cities Congress Istanbul 2018”, presented to the public the design of its first unmanned minibuses (dolmush).
Electric minibuses will be made in the design, which is familiar to every Turk and is associated with Istanbul, in the form of a historical red tram, plying on Istiklal.
The first passengers of the demonstration model were the Minister of science and technology of Turkey Faruk Ozlu, as well as the Governor and mayor of Istanbul Vasip Sahin and Mevlut Uysal, as well as the former Prime Minister of Spain Jose Luis Zapatero.
As we reported earlier, the first test races on the streets of the largest metropolis took place on March 7 and 14, and probably successfully, if the head of Istanbul announced the imminent introduction of such electric “minibuses”.
However, the details of the work of unmanned dolmus, such as future routes, payment and control, while journalists were not reported at the presentation.
Source: Internet edition of the News of the Turk