Каждый второй автомобиль в Турции — белого цвета

The most popular car color in Turkey is white.

According to the Institute of statistics of Turkey (TÜIK), citing data from the interior Ministry, the white color has no competitors, when it comes to choosing the color of the car body.

Despite the fall in demand for white cars from 62.5% to 58.7%, they are still found on the roads of Turkey more often than any other combined. But the gray and silver cars getting bigger (18.4 per cent).According to market research, the white color of the machine is the leading one. For example , in China the share of white cars is even higher than in Turkey — 62%. As of today, this is the highest figure in the world.

Каждый второй автомобиль в Турции — белого цвета 1

In Russia, the share of white cars increased in 2017 from 28 to 32%. In second place among Russian motorists are silver and metallic shades (about 20% of sales). And in third place — black (13%).

Source: Internet edition of the News of the Turk