За год население Турции увеличилось на 1 000 000 человек

Over the past the year 2017 the population of Turkey increased by 995 654 people and now is 80 810 525 residents. It is reported by the Turkish statistical Institute (TÜIK).

Male population constitutes of the total number of 50.2 %, female 49.8 %. Also in Turkey, high population growth rates for the year and they over the past year amounted to 12.4 %

The number of urban population has also increased (from 92.3% to 92.5% per year %)

Istanbul was in the first place in terms of population, it is home to 18.6% of the total population ( 15 029 231 people). Or, in other words, every fifth resident of the country lives in Istanbul))))

The second place was taken by the capital of Turkey – Ankara. It is home to about five and a half million people. It is followed by Izmir, Bursa and Antalya.

The average age of the inhabitants of Turkey has not changed and is 31-32 years.

Source: Internet newspaper News Turk