Яссыада станет новым центром дайвинга в городе Стамбул 2

Good news for lovers of diving))) Asiada will become the new diving centre in Istanbul
A place where tourist starts a new dive project will be the island Yassiada (Tur. Yassıada), one of the mysterious Prince Islands in the Marmara sea. Princes island got its name because of the “distinguished guests”: in the old days here often exiled princesses and nobles. One of the most famous exiles is the mother of Emperor Constantine VI, Empress Irina.
Name Yassiada from the Turkish language means “flat island”. The island area is only 0.05 km2. Yassiada has a bad reputation among sailors as this place has long been wrecked ships. According to unofficial data, in this place since ancient times sank 25 ships. The culprit shipwreck-a small reef, which is located at a depth of no more than 2 meters from the South-West side of the island. The case is not limited to ancient times: in 1993, a modern Croatian ship sank here, following to the city of Rijeka.
The remains of ancient ships Dating back to the IV– XVI centuries, was discovered off the coast Yassiada more than half a century ago, fishers of sea sponges. As a result of ten years of underwater archaeological research, a huge number of artefacts were found here, most of which were placed in the Museum of underwater archeology in Bodrum.
Since 1979, access to Iasi Was closed, and the area around the island recognized as a protected area. To inspect the remains of ships and in General to get to the island, it was necessary to obtain a special permit. Because Yassiada today there are hotels and other tourist infrastructure, it does not take tourists.
However, in the 21st century the fate of Assaadi will change. In 2013, it was decided to create a “Museum of democracy” here, in connection with which the island even changed its name. Officially Yassiada now referred to as an Island of democracy and freedom. However, so far this “political project” is only in plans. But, taking into account the ship – wrecking history of Yassyad, under the patronage of the Ministry of culture and tourism of the country now developed a more attractive project-to create a Museum of underwater culture. The significance of the plan is evidenced by the fact that this idea was developed by the first underwater archaeologists of Turkey Oguz Alpezen and Yashar Yildiz for almost 20 years.
As noted by Yasar Yildiz, former Director of the Museum of underwater archeology Bodrum, if everything is implemented, it can become Yassiada for divers “Ephesus under the water.” Most courts lies at a depth of from 15 to 45 meters, and many of them are in good condition.
That is offered: open for diving leftovers from the 3-4 ships, which already investigated, and of which are collected all artifacts. It will be the court, sunk in the II, IV and XVI centuries BC with the help of modern means of control and surveillance will be provided round the clock protection of these objects. For ” atmosfernosti “several ancient amphorae will return to the bottom, protecting them with special”fences”.
Will receive development and tourist infrastructure of the island: dive divers equip the harbour, will open a small restaurant and information centre. It offers tourists will be small submarines and boats with a transparent bottom. The total cost of the project to create an underwater Museum Yassiada and related infrastructure is estimated at 750 thousand dollars.
It is stated that as soon as the project receives official approval (which is expected in the coming months), its implementation will begin immediately, which will not take more than six months. According to the initiators of the idea, in this case, ” rich and high-quality tourists can be carried to the island for diving 12 months a year.”
It is expected that during the first two years underwater Museum off the island of Yassiada will visit more than 400 thousand tourists. The annual income from the project is estimated at 200 million dollars. As the organizers of the project believe, this figure may increase by 10 times in 10 years.
Source: Internet edition of the News of the Turk