Все лифты Турции власти возьмут под контроль

Problems and problems of lifting equipment in Turkey will now be detected and eliminated more efficiently and quickly.A unified online monitoring system for their work is being created.

All elevators in Turkey will be included in a single online monitoring system that will quickly identify and resolve the problems of lifting vehicles, said the Minister of science, industry and technology of Turkey Faruk Ozlu.

According to him, the new system will allow you to create an interactive map of elevators throughout Turkey, online to receive information on their work and troubleshoot problems.

Will ozlu recalled that in 2017 scheduled maintenance in Turkey, there were 369 thousand elevators.

According to the Minister, safe operation of lifting equipment in business centers, shopping centers and residential complexes is of particular importance.

The new monitoring system will allow timely detection of elevators unsafe from a technical point of view and their decommissioning

“It will also be possible to prevent attempts to delay the inspection of elevators. Every citizen will be able to get information about elevators through the e – government portal by entering the ID number,” Ozlu said.

The Minister added that the new monitoring system will also prevent the importation of substandard elevators into the country.

Source: Internet edition of the News of the Turk