Вкус Аланьи 4

We all love to eat! But I think that the Turks know a lot about food…

I am not going to paint the Turkish Breakfast is a separate issue… It is so abundant that I would eat one Breakfast for at least a week. Accordingly, the need to write about it separate article.

Today I will write about the other…In Turkey, a very popular street food..
I’d say this part of Turkey. To visit this country, and not to try street food, it is at least not excusable. And as this food that the hotel does not offer… be sure to go out to the streets of Alanya!!!

Almost every turn you can find a place to eat.. This can be a restaurant, cafe or cart-kitchen.
It’s impossible to walk past the tempting smells of preparing food. Everything is fresh and hot .. And that is important, You can watch the entire cooking process. Aroma and appearance, preparing meals beckons, and as it asks, “eat me.” And the temptation is very difficult.
Yes, you may not need! After all, to try and learn something new is always interesting… and then there’s tasty
So, let’s begin..


Gözleme (gözleme) is the burrito.. But not so simple. Every region his recipe and dough and stuffing. The dough is called yufka, gozleme. The standard recipe is..it can be fresh, kefir or sourdough. And for the toppings can use cheese, cottage cheese, greens, vegetables or meat. The dough is rolled out very thin, twisting dough over the rolling pin. Pellet should be almost transparent… half of the tortillas spread the filling.. most often it is cheese or cheese with herbs. Cover the second half of the pellet, having made a region.
Then fry it on a special convex pan called a saj. A couple of minutes, and you can taste hot, incredibly delicious cakes gozleme.

Balik ekmek

Balik ekmek (balık ekmek) , which according to the translation, means fish in bread. This is a very popular dish in Turkey. Mostly this dish is served on the pier, as the most important ingredient in this dish, the fish should be fresh. The fish are caught and then grilled.
Then, fried fish put in bread and add to vegetables and herbs. You can sit here in the café or take the food home.. and relaxing on the benches along the promenade to try this delicious dish, enjoying the sea and yachts.


Spice (köfte) is similar to our cakes. They say that this word comes from the Persian kufta, which means to beat, to grind. Spice is usually made from lamb or beef, but these burgers might not be meat. For example they are made from lentils. Recipes spice so much that nobody knows their exact number. But certainly not less than 290… Cutlets served with a side dish and/or vegetables on the dish, or with vegetables in bread.

And of course, on any street, you can eat boiled corn, try the mussels or to eat roasted chestnuts.
Come to Alanya, try, experiment …and you will know this magical town on the other side.

Author: Larisa Lukasheva 18.01.2018 year