Регистрация иностранного телефона в Турции

I want to answer frequently asked questions about how and where to register the phone brought into Turkey from abroad. This question often asked by people who have moved to Turkey for permanent residence or plan and buy a Turkish SIM card for mobile communication usage. I want to continue to use their mobile phones bought earlier in Turkey.

In a “perfect day” You might just find that your foreign mobile phone is simply blocked and no longer works on phone calls, SMS text messages or Internet use.

To avoid this, you should read this article and follow our advice and instructions))))

Useful information for You:

Blocking is required for all foreign and unregistered mobile phones that incorporate and use a Turkish SIM card. It used to happen 1-2 months after you start using Turkish SIM cards in the phone, now this is extended to 6 months. So the deadline for the registration of Your mobile phone greatly increased.
Blocked mobile phone, not the SIM card itself. More precisely blocked any possibility of using the phone features that work over a cellular connection (done and accept calls via mobile communications, sending and receiving SMS messages, Internet use). Other functions of the phone will continue with its work.
The blocking occurs through a unique number assigned to your phone when it was manufactured – the IMEI number.
The phone is only locked when you use a Turkish SIM card, if You use any other foreign SIM card – Your phone can not be blocked.
There are several options out with this situation and be in constant communication))

The solution of this question:

The simplest of them-just buy a mobile phone in Turkey and to use Turkish SIM card. The minimum price on used phones from 80-100 pounds. However for the quality and life of these phones in front of You no one will not answer))) Or buy modern and high quality mobile phone (the price difference is significant). But You will not need to worry in cases of damage of Your phone, as it will be a warranty( usually the warranty period from 2 years or more depending on the phone model). Also in this case you should not worry and think how to pass You brought a phone from abroad to another country for repair or replacement under warranty.
The second option is to reflash Your phone (to change its unique IMEI number). But I must warn You that it is ILLEGAL and in this case you lose the warranty on your phone. Also, if the “craftsmen” will not do this correctly, Your phone will be blocked after 6 months. Urge You not to succumb to persuasion by flashing Your phone in order to avoid problems in the future.
And the third option is to officially register Your imported from abroad mobile.

Documents required to register Your foreign mobile phone:

– Passport and photocopy

– Residence permit in Turkey (Ikamet). If registering the phone without a residence permit – You will only prolong the possibility of temporary use of Your phone, but no more than 3-6 months.

– Tax number in Turkey (Vergi Numarası) is free to Tax departments in a maximum of 10-15 minutes. For that You need photocopies of your passport with written on it: name of Your father and mother in Latin letters( as in Turkey are used Patronymics, familiar to us), your phone number and e-mail address of your residence in Turkey.

Also You should know that one person has the right to register only one mobile phone for 2 years.

The procedure of registration of mobile phone in Turkey is not complicated and will not take you much time. For step-by-step instruction of registration:

First and foremost, You need to pay state fee (tax) for registration of a foreign mobile phone. This You can do in the Tax Department of Your city. To date, this tax is about 140 pounds. For this You need to take all of the above documents and the IMEI number of your phone. IMEI-number you can see on the package of your mobile phone, or watch on the cover of the phone under the battery from it, or dial Your mobile phone number code : *#06# and the IMEI number is automatically displayed on the screen of the phone. In the presence of a Turkish credit card You can pay this tax online, just by typing Your data into the fields.
Next You should to any post office in the city to obtain a login and password to access the E-DEVLET (Turkish access to state services). It is in the primary treatment 4 lire, in the secondary treatment it will cost around 40 TL.
Well, the last stage))) With the receipt for payment of tax on mobile phone, by telephone and login with password from E-DEVLET apply to any of the offices of mobile operators. This is best done in one of the offices of the three largest mobile operators: Vodafon, Turkcell TurkTelekom or. This service in the office of the mobile operators is no more than 20-25 pounds. Also, if You do not have a Turkish SIM card, You can purchase it right there on the spot. If at the time of Your planned check-in, Your phone is already locked, unlocking it will take time for the day, and sometimes more.
Just keep in mind that Your cell phone will be tied to that particular SIM card or change SIM card to another Turkish – Your phone will be blocked. In addition to foreign mobile phones can be locked and are subject to registration: tablets(which have a built-in SIM card for the Internet and usage of cellular communication), 3 and 4G modems, laptops with 3 and 4G modules.

Hope our information was useful for you and help You to avoid problems in the future)))

Author: Julia Magarovskaya 19.01.2018 year