Недвижимость у моря- дорого? 5

What is prejudice and prejudice? This is an opinion learned without reflection. Agree that many are unfair.. For example..blondes – stupid, beats – it means love, and property by the sea – it’s expensive!

Stereotypes sometimes arise from scratch, and taking root in everyday life, fixed so that it is very difficult to get rid of them.

Simple provision of facts and information that proves the groundlessness of stereotypes.
And we will refute one of them..
So.. property by the sea only for extremely wealthy people, as it is expensive!
Each of you knows how much a Studio apartment in your city costs, what its average area is, and how much it is removed from the sea.. And now, for convenience, transfer the cost of the apartment in euros and remember.

Further..we will take for comparison one of the options of apartments (at an average price) on the Mediterranean coast in Alanya.
Recently, more and more residential complexes are being built on the type of 5-star hotels. Complexes, where everything is thought out to the last detail, both for active and passive recreation by the sea. By purchasing an apartment in one of these complexes, you get a whole staff of staff caring for the territory of the complex: Concierge, security, gardener, administrator.. Living in your own apartment in this complex, you can always go down a couple of floors below and swim in your own pool: in the summer – in the open, and in the winter – in the closed. Take a ride on the water slides, sit with friends or neighbors for a Cup of tea in the mini bar or in the garden, send the kids to the children’s Park or children’s room, arrange a competition for a game of tennis, Billiards or Darts. You can relax in the Spa area includes a Turkish Hamam or sauna. And if you are a fan of sports, you have a fitness room, with a variety of exercise machines.
But that’s not all!!! After settling in the apartment, you do not have to worry about what you will sleep or cook. You only come with a suitcase full of personal belongings.. everything else is in the apartment. Kitchen set, furniture, home appliances and fully equipped bathroom. And all this is modern and of high quality.
The apartment is very bright and spacious, as the area of the apartment from 60 sqm . And of course, you do not have to go or fly to the sea..after all, it is a 5-minute walk along the clean streets with flowering lawns.
Buying apartments in residential complexes hotel – you get not only housing, but also the lifestyle and COMFORT of a LUXURY. In addition, in these apartments you can not only live and relax but also to earn on them renting during your absence in the country.
And here is finally we came closer to price …
So, the cost of an apartment in the complex is 44 500 euros ..and I will remind you that this is not the lowest price..
And now, remember the price tag for an apartment in your city and everything that is attached to this apartment.. I think you will not be able to list half of what was described above ..
In addition to everything, you can see for yourself what this apartment looks like in the photos.. and having arrived to us, to see it”live”.
You decide..How much should a person be rich and secured to afford to buy an apartment in Alanya on the Mediterranean coast. But I think now you realize that this is real and not as expensive as you possibly imagined.

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Author: Larisa Lukasheva