Как открыть банковский счет в турецком банке и для чего он нужен иностранцу?!

Anyone who has decided to enjoy a longer holiday at sea or buy property in Alanya, sooner or later, will have to take care of opening a current account in one of the Turkish banks.
First, an extract from the deposit is required to obtain a residence permit in Turkey.
Secondly, on account at a local bank, you can transfer funds for the purchase of real estate.
Thirdly, the presence of a plastic card attached to the deposit will save you from having to store a large amount of cash in the apartment, and will also enable you to pay utility bills through an ATM (electricity, water, internet, phone number, etc.), make purchases on the Internet and perform other necessary operations.

The procedure for opening an account in a Turkish bank is simple enough and does not require much effort. From the beginning to the end it will take no more than two or three hours.

Step-by-step instruction:
1) Obtaining a tax number
Any foreigner can and must obtain a tax number. This is necessary for the local tax office (Vergi Dairesi Müdürlüğü) and it is enough to have a passport and a photocopy (you should write the names of your father and mother, your address in Turkey, phone number and e-meil address on the back of the photocopy).
In the absence of a queue, the issuance of the number takes no more than 5-10 minutes. The tax office of Alanya is located at Sugözü caddesi, Kadıpaşa Mahallesi.
Please note that you can open an account one day after you receive the tax number.
2) Selecting a bank
When making a choice, it is worth to inquire about the conditions and advantages of opening an account in this financial institution, and then compare the information received with the proposals of other banks. It will be superfluous to make sure that the preferred institution has a reliable online service system. With its help, you can easily make surplus spending and from anywhere in the world make compulsory payments, for example, for utilities, being outside of Turkey.
3) Opening an account
Most Turkish banks open accounts without problems to foreigners who do not have a residence permit.

A package of documents that must be presented to a financial institution employee usually includes:
– tax number;
– the original of the passport with the seal of entry to Turkey;
– the original of the internal passport with a residence permit. Some banks require a notarized translation of passport pages with personal information and a stamp on registration;
– a document confirming your address in Turkey, for example an invoice for electricity.

Further, the employee of the bank fills in all the necessary documents, which must be signed after. At the same time, you are assigned the account number immediately, and the plastic card is issued for 7-10 working days. Also, many bank employees speak English, less often in Russian. Questions and problems you should not arise.

Please note that some banks refuse to open accounts for foreigners who do not have a residence permit in Turkey. In this case, you should contact another financial institution that practices a more loyal policy towards non-residents of the country.

As you can see, the procedure for opening a bank account in a Turkish bank is quite simple and necessary for solving everyday issues of your holiday or residence in Turkey.