Бесплатный послепродажный сервис 1

If you purchase a property with our company, you have nothing to worry about! We help our clients on all issues, including issue and to connect the meters for electricity and water..And we provide this service for FREE

To have in your new apartment was electricity and water, it is necessary to execute a number of documents.
For this, you need to come to the Vodokanal (with documents) to sign a contract, pay a connection and get a subscriber number for water. Then.. during that or the following day, you will drive the company’s employees and connect water meters.
Same thing with the electricity connection. Package need to contact the power company to sign a contract and pay. And the light you have in the same evening or the next day.

If you are the lucky owner of an apartment from the secondary market, the reissue of the documents, you will spend much less Finance. Because the previous owner already registered and received subscriber numbers to the meters. And you just need to re-register them in their name, paying only the official costs for registration.

Except for registration counters, we also help to connect the Internet and even set up the desired channels. Install if necessary, a landline phone, or purchase a SIM card with the best rate for cell phone. To order the delivery of gas and drinking water.