Изменения в законодательстве Турции о краткосрочной аренде

Each of you has probably heard about amendments to the legislation of Turkey on short-term lease. What innovations, what tenants and landlords are obliged to do, what responsibility for violation of the law and other questions we will answer below.

It is this article that we want to inform you about making serious changes in the legislation of Turkey, regarding the lease and lease of real estate in Turkey for a period of from 1 day to 6 months.

Also we hasten to inform You that our Agency has received all necessary approvals for the legal and reliable delivery of apartments in rent.

Unfortunately the new law has tightened a lot for the owners and complicated for agencies. Now, under the new law, only special licensed agencies that have a special permit and a special system for registration of incoming guests can rent. I. e. now when renting an apartment or a Villa in Turkey, it is necessary to register in the same way as in hotels to the police all entering on the day of arrival and on the day of departure, regardless of age. In case of violation: if the owner rents his property, or the Agency who does not have a license, if you do not receive a special code in the police, if guests were not registered at the time (the day of entry into the apartment), or were specified n correct passport details at registration, apply very high fines. The last few months are raids, inspections, inspectors come to a particular apartment and asked to provide documents. Under the control of the apartment, and the detection of violations of the owner of the property write a fine of 10,000 liras (about 2,500 euros), and the tenant a fine of 5,000 liras (about 1,200 euros)and possible deportation.
Under the new law, every tenant is obliged to register with the police. This can be done either by the owner personally (provided that he has all the necessary permits) or by a real estate Agency that also has all the permissions.
We, in turn, has already received all necessary documents and permits to legally register anywhere and You don’t have anywhere to go ourselves and recorded. We obtained a license, got a special access code in the police system and installed the appropriate program.
However, due to all these changes in legislation, in our portfolio the number of apartments offered by us has decreased significantly, as not all apartments, due to the lack of owners in Turkey, were able to issue the necessary documents. This is also in the process, and we hope that this issue will be resolved successfully in the near future.
And also, in connection with all innovations, and the cost of apartments will be slightly increased compared to previous years, as increased tax on income from delivery, and increased associated costs for registration of guests.

We will be happy to advise you on all issues and conditions of apartment rental. We are pleased to provide you with a choice of good apartments, fully ready for a comfortable stay. We will take care of all your registration and registration with the police.

MAXHOME INVEST-has all the necessary permits, licenses and programs for legal, safe and secure rental of real estate in the short term not in Turkey.

Kindly request to You, be careful and vigilant when planning your vacation in Turkey. Trust your vacation only to reliable partners.

Autor: Anna Unal