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Apartment in Alanya -
Your own
"peace" by the sea
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Apartment in Alanya - <br \> Your own <br \>
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Full support and paperwork for obtaining Turkish citizenship on the basis of ownership of real estate in Turkey, only for our clients, is absolutely free!
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Full support and paperwork for obtaining Turkish citizenship on the basis of ownership of real estate in Turkey, only for our clients, is absolutely free!
Alanya - the city of your dreams

Alanya - the city of your dreams

The azure sea, velvet sand and the rhythm of modern life - all this is Alanya, a city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. There are gorgeous beaches, beautiful promenades with fountains, and shady landscaped parks. Modern residential complexes peacefully coexist with ancient monuments. And all this is surrounded by a chain of majestic mountains.

  • Low taxes on the purchase and maintenance of real estate
  • Easy to adapt! Many foreigners live here who have already bought property by the sea.
  • Fruits and vegetables straight from the garden all year round, at very low prices
  • Not only a beach holiday, but also many opportunities for sports and various hobbies
  • The longest swimming season - from April to November
  • Unique climate, developed infrastructure and European service
  • The presence of the airport, just 37 km. Direct flights from many cities of Russia and the CIS
  • There is a Russian school and a Russian kindergarten


Apartment in Alanya and in other cities of the world - these are completely different worlds!

  • Property prices are several times lower than in the coastal cities of Spain, Greece, Cyprus ...
  • High quality infrastructure and service. Own pool, gym, concierge and gardener in almost every complex! And this comfort costs only € 34-45 per month.
  • Visa-free entry for citizens of Russia and CIS countries. You just get on a plane and after a couple of hours you relax in your own summer cottage by the sea.
  • One bedroom apartment just 200 meters from the sea in Alanya can be bought for only 40,000 €

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Alanya - a city where they go for health!

  • Sea air strengthens the immune system and saturates the body with iodine
  • Seawater cures many skin ailments
  • The sun charges hormones of happiness - endorphins and seratonin
  • It is thanks to the sun's rays that the body produces vitamin D.
  • The mountain air, saturated with oxygen, rejuvenates the body and charges
  • Vegetables and fruits all year round are a powerful boost of vitamins and essential trace elements.
  • There are no enterprises on the coast, therefore there is neither soot nor industrial dust in the air.

Invest at a profit of 35% cheaper! Buy an apartment today, pay later!

Live and relax on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, surrounded by banana groves.

Free all year at your service:

  • Huge pool
  • Mini water park
  • Heated winter pool
  • Luxury SPA area with a hammam, sauna and fitness room
  • Children's playground and landscaped green garden

Live in modern apartments of 65 - 205 sq.m. with one, two or three bedrooms. Where there is a full finishing, kitchen, plumbing, ceramic flooring and decorative ceilings.

Super offer
New complex class LUX
  • 350 m to the sea
  • Alania, Avsallar district
  • Completion of construction year 2020
Price from
60.500 €
  • Down payment 30%
  • Interest-free installment for 2 years

Rent an apartment by the sea

  • Only rest in the rented accommodation, will show you the real Turkey and will allow you to feel like a local
  • Holidays in luxury rented accommodation in Alanya will cost you much cheaper than in a very simple hotel. Since the payment is taken for the whole apartment, and not separately from the person
  • We will help you arrange a transfer from the airport to the rental housing and back.
  • All rented accommodation is fully equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest and life: bedding, towels, kitchen utensils, Internet and Russian television

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A foreigner in Turkey can

Make a loan for the purchase of any property
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Having a property in the property, to issue a residence permit (permit) and rest in Turkey all year round
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Immediately obtain Turkish citizenship when buying property in the amount of 250.000 € or 5 years from the date of purchase of real estate, regardless of its price
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Pass the acquired property by inheritance
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To purchase real estate is not necessary to issue a residence permit!

You relax, we help you earn!

  • Becoming the owner of an apartment by the sea, you can not only relax in comfortable apartments, but also receive passive rental income
  • You do not need to search for customers. While you are at home, we rent your apartment or villa. And you just get income in foreign currency
  • We undertake repair, cleaning and control over the condition of your apartment for a small commission.
  • Expected rental income 6-9% per annum of the value of your property
Apartment for 50 000€
Apartment for 50 000€
  • Rental price for 6 months: 4.800€
  • Commission for rental services: 20%
  • Income tax: 15%
Your passive income
Villa for 250.000€
Villa for 250.000€
  • Rental price for 6 months: 12.000€
  • Commission for rental services: 20%
  • Income tax: 15%
Your passive income


  • We will help you not only to buy, but also to earn, as we subsequently take your property for full control and rent it out!
  • Thanks to many years of experience and impeccable reputation, we have a large selection of exclusive properties that you will not find in other companies!
  • Our team employs only professional staff with relevant education who can speak the same language with you!
  • The best prices, no hidden fees and overpayments, as we work directly with the owners and developers, with whom you can get to know personally!
We are a licensed agency with all the necessary certificates and permits, are a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry ALTSO and the Association of Turkish Real Estate Professionals TTPP!


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